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The mobile slider is a new form of interactivity you can have on mobile devices.
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Mobile Slider Widget

This mobile slider widget and module will give your mendix hybrid mobile application a catchy interface. You are able to slide in between screens. Defining screens for your slider is as easy as setting the CSS classname "mx-slide" on a container inside a mendix page.

This project has a mendix test project inside where you can login with the default mxadmin username and password and see the mobile slider in action.


For more information on contributing to this repository visit Contributing to a GitHub repository!

Typical usage scenario

Use these widgets to create a beautiful interface for Mendix hybrid mobile applications.


This widget comes with two other widgets specially designed for this widget. The first one in the GreenSock widget, that includes the greensock library inside your Mendix application. The second one is the MobileSliderBackground that is responsible for defining a background that is all over the screen:

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