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A Java SDK for the Everysport API
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This is an official Java client for the Everysport API


See for latest version



 * Create a EverysportClient
 * This should be done once and be reused.

EverysportClient client = new EverysportClient.Builder("your-apikey").build();

 * Tip!
 * It is possible to change the behaviour of the client with different settings
 * EverysportClient client = new EverysportClient.Builder("your-apikey").connectionTimeout(100).build();

 * Make a request
 * A request to the API is done through any of the differnt Request objects (EventRequest, SportRequest etc.).
 * Different requests objects takes different parameters (see the everysport-api documentation).
 * In general, Request objects has a list() and a get() method that returns a EverysportResponse object.

EverysportResponse<List<Event>> response = client.getEventRequest().league(59776).limit(5).list();

 * Get the list of events from the response

List<Event> events = response.getEntity();

for(Event event : events) {

 * Pagination of Result
 * Since we did a list() request it is possible to get the next (or the previous page) from the API.

EverysportResponse<List<Event>> nextPage = client.getNextPage(response);

 * Get one Event
 * If we already know what event we want to get (we know the ID) then instead
 * of making a list() request we do a get() request.
EverysportResponse<List<Event>> response = client.getEventRequest().get(2186306);

 * Note!
 * When using get() all params (e.g. limit, offset, sort etc.) is not giving any effect even if they are set.

  * Generic Request
  * If you for some reason want to do a request without using any of the pre-defined Request objects
  * it is possible to do so by using the GenericRequest object.

client.get(new GenericRequest(client).withPath("/events").withParam("sport", 1)).getRawBody()


For working code examples see the package com.everysport.api.sdk.examples.

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