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mercadolibre's Cacique is a automation test tool distribuited under gpl licence. BETA Version
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Cacique, Do it once

Cacique was born with the need of MercadoLibre to expedite the testing process for your application. Based in Selenium to record the tests script, Cacique manage all cases, Data Set, Suites executions and Script editing.

  • Easy to automate testing without knowing about develop language

  • Ability to develop and maintain tests (scripts).

  • Run tests on different platforms with different input data and external to the script

  • Configurable for different work environments

  • Easy to concatenate multiple scripts.

“Do it Once” speaks of re-using tests. Our main objective was to create a collaborative tool with a library of scripts and suites to share with other users.


Getting Started


git clone

Manual Guide

Follow the steps in the Installation Guide.

More documentation

Next on Cacique..


  • Improve browsing of functions

  • Add stop for executions that are running

  • Edition and refactor of execution's scheduler

  • Debbuger online

  • Auto re-execution on failure

  • Group executions by run configuration

  • Extend suite's scheduled to scripts

Rails 3 + ruby 1.9 + HTML5

  • Analysis and Research

  • Make plan for implementración


If you want get involved, please contact us!


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