Fast, simple and portable hexadecimal/ASCII dumper
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Fast, simple and portable hexadecimal/ASCII dumper written in ANSI C.

1. Build

$ make

3. Install

# make install

3. Usage

$ hdump [-c columns] [-s skip] [-n length] file

 -c   : number of columns to use before breaking the line (default: 16)
 -s   : number of bytes to skip / starting byte
 -n   : number of bytes to read / maximum number of bytes to print
 -v   : show version and author banner
 -h   : show usage

Prefixing numbers with '0x' makes hdump use them as hexadecimal.

4. Examples

Prints the first 16 bytes of /bin/ls file:

$ hdump -n 16 /bin/ls
$ hdump -n 0x10 /bin/ls

Start at byte 0xff and prints a maximum of 32 bytes:

$ hdump -s 0xff -n 32 /bin/ls

5. Uninstall

# make uninstall