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Merit Core

Merit aims to be the world's most adopted digital currency.

You can learn more about the Merit Vision at:

What is Merit?

Merit is a digital currency that focuses on community, simplicity, and safety. It introduces significant innovation to previous digital currencies. Namely, it is:

  • Merit is invite-only.
  • Merit introduces the notion of ambassador mining in addition to classic security mining.
  • Merit features decentralized vaults on the blockchain to protect and provide peace-of-mind.
  • Merit can be sent to anyone whether they have a Merit Wallet yet or not.

Merit Core is a distributed peer-to-peer server that maintains a ledger using a global blockchain. For the convenience of all users, especially non-technical ones, you can also use Merit Core to mine on your machine with a couple of clicks.


Download the latest release from the releases section.

Community Resources

Merit aims to be present wherever users of the community are. To that end, you can find members of the core team on:

Getting Started

Get the Latest Release

You can find the latest releases of Merit here.

Build from Source

Clone this repo.

git clone

Merit Core uses Autotools and can be built on Linux, Mac OS, and any many other UNIX systems. You will need a C++ compiler that supports the C++11 standard such as any recent GCC or Clang version.

cd src/
make obj/build.h
cd ../
make install

Start Mining

Before you can use Merit and mine, you must unlock your wallet by giving it a parent key. Merit is currently invite-only and typically the parent key is owned by someone who is willing to invite you to merit. Once you unlock the wallet you will have to wait for the other person to confirm the wallet before you can mine.

Note, whoever invites will get a boost in their Aggregate Network Value (ANV) via your mining efforts and therefore your mining efforts help them earn mining rewards.

Before you can unlock your wallet you must start the meritd daemon.

meritd --daemon

Meritd will then start up and automatically connect to the main network and start syncing the blockchain.

The wallet should be fully synched with the blockchain before unlocking because if the person inviting you is a more recent addition, the referral won't be found and you will get an error. You can monitor the block chain sync status by running:

merit-cli getblockchaininfo

blocks should match headers in the results returned from that command.

You can then unlock your wallet by running the unlockwallet command.

merit-cli unlockwallet <address or alias of person inviting you> <optional global alias>

This will setup your wallet and notify the network. It will return your wallet information including your primary address. Share this address with others so they can help boost your ANV.

To start mining you simply run...

merit-cli setmining true

If you want to stop mining, you run...

merit-cli setmining false

Pool Mining

You can pool mine merit using merit-minerd or directly from the Desktop Wallet. A free pool is provided for all users by the Merit Foundation.

Developer Resources

Take a look at our docs


Merit Core is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see