Anisotropic mesh adaptation library
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PRAgMaTIc (Parallel anisotRopic Adaptive Mesh ToolkIt) provides 2D/3D anisotropic mesh adaptivity for meshes of simplexes. The target applications are finite element and finite volume methods although it can also be used as a lossy compression algorithm for 2 and 3D data (e.g. image compression). It takes as its input the mesh and a metric tensor field which encodes desired mesh element size anisotropically.

The toolkit is written in C++ but also provides interfaces for C. It has been integrated with FEniCS/Dolfin, with PETSc/DMPlex and integration with Firedrake is ongoing. One of the design goals of PRAgMaTIc is to develop highly scalable algorithms for clusters of multi-core and many-core nodes. PRAgMaTIc uses OpenMP for thread parallelism and MPI for domain decomposition parallelisation.


A thread-parallel algorithm for anisotropic mesh adaptation Under review: arXiv:1308.2480

Hybrid OpenMP/MPI anisotropic mesh smoothing DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2012.04.166

Accelerating Anisotropic Mesh Adaptivity on nVIDIA's CUDA Using Texture Interpolation DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-23397-5_38


The following libraries are required to build PRAgMaTIc:

  • Eigen3
  • MPI
  • METIS (on debian this can be installed with sudo apt-get install libmetis-dev)
  • VTK (optional)
  • LibMeshb (optional).


PRAgMaTIc can be configured with a number of custom options for IOs, which are shown in the following.



These can be set as env variables, or given as command line arguments to cmake, e.g. cmake -DENABLE_VTK=FALSE would disable MPI support. If both of the same option are given, the command line argument is given a higher priority over the env variable.

If neither is given the default value is used for the configuration, which is TRUE for all configure options.

Let be the path to the source directory of PRAgMaTIc, the build directory in which you want to build PRAgMaTIc, and the directory in which you wish to install PRAgMaTIc. E.g. execute

$ mkdir

$ cd

Then do

$ cmake

If you want to install PRAgMaTIc to a specific location then specify the target location.


The default location for is /usr/local.

By default, PRAgMaTIc is built in debug mode. To build in release mode, set CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release.


PRAgMaTIc is now ready to be built. In your execute

$ make


To build and run tests, execute

$ make test


In your , execute

$ make install

Depending on you might have to run with sudo rights.

$ sudo make install


Some examples can be found in /python. Dolfin is required to run them.

Note: PRAgMaTIc needs to be built prior to running the examples.


A Debian package is provided. To build a deb simply cd to the source directory and execute:

$ dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc