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meshcloud Documentation

CI Build

Welcome to the meshcloud Platform documentation!

It's all built on docusaurus and available on GitHub. We accept community contributions!

Running Locally

To build and start the docs locally with live-reloading, simply run:

cd website && yarn && yarn start


Defining Snippets for Documentation

Snippet definitions are currently restricted to a specific comment syntax supported by dhall format. These limitations may be resolved in future versions of dhall, until then we use the follwoing syntax.

Define snippets using a wrapping let expression, followed by a single line comment defining the snippet id. The wrapping let expression will not be contained in the rendered snippet blocks.

  • Record types should describe their fields using a single multli-line comments
  • Snippets should include types and may include one or more usage examples of actual values
let Snippet =
  -- snippet:mesh.panel.environment.mesh.registration.type
  let Registration =
            Long description

            long description
      { field1 : Bool
      , field2 : Optional Text

  let example =
        { field1 = True
        , field2 = Some ""
      : Registration

  in Registration
in Snippet

Ther are two "types" of snippets, which will be rendered differently in the documentation

  • x.y: these snippets describe a configuration option and its location in the config model
  • x.y#type: these snippets describe a common configuration data type

Include Snippet References

Snippet references in markdown begin with a html comment referencing the snippet id and end with a END_DOCUSAURUS_CODE_TABS comments.

Your description of the snippet


Updating Snippets References

The following command automatically updates rendered snippet references in code, assuming you have all required source repositories checked out to your local machine.


Have a look at the update-snippets in case you want more fine-grained control over snippet updates for further options.

Updating Metrics Metadata

To do so, run the following:

python3 ./hack/ <target-k8s-context> <target-k8s-namespace> ./docs/

Note: This assumes that the running prometheus service name has the following format: prometheus-<k8s-namespace>-server


Like Docusaurus, the meshcloud documentation portal is open source and MIT licensed.

The contents of the documentation (e.g. the .md files in the /docs folder) is Creative Commons licensed.