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An interactive graph of your Django model structure
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Django Schema Graph

Django-schema-graph makes a colourful diagram out of your Django models. The diagram is interactive, and makes it easy to toggle models and apps on/off at will.

It looks like this:

Feature Screenshot
Models models screenshot
Apps apps screenshot
Both together models and apps screenshot
Graph editor menu screenshot

(Apologies that the images above don't work on PyPI. Check it out on GitHub.)


Install from PyPI:

pip install django-schema-graph



Add to your URLs.

from schema_graph.views import Schema
urlpatterns += [
    # On Django 2+:
    path("schema/", Schema.as_view()),
    # Or, on Django < 2:
    url(r"^schema/$", Schema.as_view()),


Browse to /schema/ (assuming that's where you put it in your URLs).

Note: DEBUG mode is required, on the assumption that you don't want to leak sensitive information about your website outside of local development.


Tests run on sensible combinations of:

  • Python (2.7, 3.5-3.8)
  • Django (1.8, 1.11-3.0)


  • django-spaghetti-and-meatballs is great. At the time of writing, it offers a lot more detailed information on the models in the diagram, but doesn't allow them to be turned on/off in the page.
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