Packaging utilities for Mesos-DNS
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Packaging utilities for Mesos-DNS

!!! WIP !!!

The Debian, Ubuntu and EL6 packages have not undergone thorough testing. They are ment as a starting point for folks running those distributions. The Docker Image and EL7 Package are currently being dogfooded and should install and run reliable. Feedback, Bug reports and PRs very welcome!


  • make script error resilient (or set -e) so it's fit for use by a CI server
  • write test containers that take the build packages, install and run them

Set Up

  • Install Docker.
apt-get install			## On Debian/Ubuntu
yum install docker                  ## On RedHat/CentOS/Fedora
  • Build packages
make all


make ubuntu-trusty
  • Build Docker container
make docker

This will first create a CentOS7 based build environment where a Docker rootfs is created. It then creates a second minimal Docker container which is tagged as mesosphere/mesos-dns and only contains the mesos-dns binary as well as required libraries.

Packages will be created in ./packages/