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PeopleSync Client App

Please see the PeopleSync product website for detailed information about the software.

The software is a CardDAV client for businesses using our PeopleSync server software. It synchronizes all address lists from the PeopleSync server. The management, which address lists will be synchronized, happens centrally on server side by the IT staff. Therefore for the personal usage of CardDAV and CalDAV we recommend to use the DAVx⁵ app with more configuration options.

The PeopleSync client app is licensed under the GPLv3 License.

The PeopleSync server software is proprietary commercial software.

Twitter: @messageconcept

The PeopleSync client app is based on DAVx⁵ and parts of DAVx⁵ have been outsourced into these libraries:


See About / Libraries in the app for all used libraries and their licenses.