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The experience and subtlety of your program's text can be important. Messageformat is a mechanism for handling both pluralization and gender in your applications. It can also lead to much better translations, as it's designed to support all the languages included in the Unicode CLDR.

This monorepo provides packages supporting JS implementations of both ICU MessageFormat (MF1) and Unicode MessageFormat 2 (MF2):

ICU MessageFormat 1 Packages

Unicode MessageFormat 2 Packages

Getting Started (MF1)

Depending on your situation, consult one or more of the following guides:

Alternatively, take a look at our examples or dig into the API documentation if you're looking to do something more involved.

Our Format Guide will help with the ICU MessageFormat Syntax, and the Usage Guide provides some further options for integrating messageformat to be a part of your workflow around UI texts and translations.

Messageformat is an OpenJS Foundation project, and we follow its Code of Conduct.

OpenJS Foundation