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C/C++ library for accessing the MusicBrainz Cover Art Archive
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CoverArtArchive Client Library


To get started quickly have a look at the examples directory which contains various sample programs. API documentation can be generated using Doxygen. The online version of the API documentation can be found at:

Compiling and Linking

This package provides a pkg-config script that returns the necessary compiler and linker flags, as well as the version number. To build a small sample program one would use:

g++ -o test_app test_app.cpp `pkg-config libcoverart --cflags --libs`

If you don't want/can't use pkg-config and you are using the C API, make sure you link in the C++ standard library:

gcc -o test_app test_app.c -lcoverart -lm -lstdc++


If you have any questions about this library, feel free to ask on the MusicBrainz development mailing list:

Please submit bug reports to the MusicBrainz bug tracking system:

You can find out more about the MusicBrainz project by visiting its site:
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