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Updating Submodules

This repo includes Bootstrap as a submodule, so after cloning (or pulling) make sure your submodule is up to date:

git submodule init && git submodule update

Rebuilding the static files

In the project root run


It will install dependencies via npm and regenerate the static files into the build directory.

The developer vm has everything you need for this.

To run it somewhere else you'll need to make sure you have node.js and npm installed.

Running the development server

You can run node server.js (or npm start) to launch a dev server. See the comments in server.js for additional instructions.

Adding Examples

Login using the credentials from and go to Create a new public gist with the following file structure:

  • endpoint.txt

Contains the path to the API endpoint (e.g. /v1/author/_search)

  • body.json

Contains the JSON encoded body of the request. Can be null if the request has no body.

Give the gist a useful description and save. The example should then show up on