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CEDAR Release 2.3

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@cedaradmin cedaradmin released this 01 May 23:14

We are pleased to announce release 2.3 of the CEDAR Workbench.

Enhancements include:

New Value Recommender Service

We significantly updated CEDAR's value recommendation capabilities in this release. The new approach adopts a powerful association rule-based mechanism to suggest new values for fields in a templates as they being filled in. This functionality is documented here.


A variety of performance improvements were made to increase performance. We made major improvements to search (#64) and permission handling (#65). We also worked on increasing the performance of Neo4j queries (#61 ) and of queries to our REST APIs (#72). Finally, we improved the performance of term search when filling in field values in the Metadata Editor that come from ontology branches (#32).

New Sharing Modes

We now provide Shared With Me and Shared With Everybody modes on the workspace to allow users to distinguish between globally shared resources and resources that have explicitly been shared with them (#943).

New CEDAR Web Site

We developed a new site to enable users and developers to quickly find information about CEDAR. The site is available here.

Open Metadata Microservice

An initial open metadata microservice is now available. It allows users to make their resources openly available for access via REST calls to users that do not have CEDAR accounts (#946). We plan to provide front end rendering of these resources in an upcoming release.

Model Hardening

We made a number of improvement in our model checking code to ensure that invalid artifacts cannot be uploaded to CEDAR. Implementing tasks here.

Java 11 Update

All CEDAR Java-based components have been updated to work with Java 11 (#931).

This release also incorporates a significant number of usability enhancements and bug fixes.

All tasks completed for the 2.3 release series can be found here.