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#lang racket
(define testdata (open-input-string "This\nString to parse\n1000"))
(struct lexer (data pos line col lasttoken) #:transparent)
(struct token (type data line col) #:transparent)
(define testlex (lexer testdata 0 0 0 'notoken))
(define (show-lexer l)
(display "Next Char:[")
(display (peek-char (lexer-data l)))
(display "] ")
(display "Pos:")
(display (lexer-pos l))
(display " Line:")
(display (lexer-line l))
(display " Col:")
(display (lexer-col l))
(define (show-token t)
(display "Token<")
(display (token-type t))
(display "> [")
(display (token-data t))
(display "] Line:")
(display (token-line t))
(define match-range
(lambda (startchar finishchar)
(lambda (c)
(if (and (char<=? startchar c)
(char>=? finishchar c))
(define match-lowercase (match-range #\a #\z))
(define match-uppercase (match-range #\A #\Z))
(define (match-letter c)
(or (match-uppercase c) (match-lowercase c)))
(define match-number (match-range #\0 #\9))
(define (match-char mchar)
(lambda (c)
(if (equal? mchar c)
(define (idmatchers c)
(or (match-uppercase c) (match-lowercase c) (match-number c)))
(define (consume l matcher tokentype)
(define (consumer seek)
(let* ([c (peek-char-or-special (lexer-data l) seek )])
[(eof-object? c) seek]
[(matcher c) (consumer (+ 1 seek))]
[else seek])))
(let* ([seeklen (consumer 1)]
[d (read-string seeklen (lexer-data l)) ])
(struct-copy lexer l [pos seeklen] [lasttoken (token tokentype d 0 0)])))
(define (ignore-char l)
(read-char (lexer-data l))
(struct-copy lexer l
[pos (+ (lexer-pos l) 1)]))
(define (consume-newline l)
(read-char (lexer-data l))
(struct-copy lexer l
[pos (+ (lexer-pos l) 1)]
[line (+ (lexer-line l) 1)]
[lasttoken 'newline]))
(define (consume-space l)
(read-char (lexer-data l))
(struct-copy lexer l
[pos (+ (lexer-pos l) 1)]
[lasttoken 'space]))
(define (consume-tab l)
(read-char (lexer-data l))
(struct-copy lexer l
[pos (+ (lexer-pos l) 1)]
[lasttoken 'tab]))
(define (next-token l)
(let ([c (peek-char (lexer-data l))])
[(eof-object? c) (display "Done!")]
[(match-number c) (consume l match-number 'int)]
[(match-uppercase c) (consume l idmatchers 'typeid)]
[(match-lowercase c) (consume l idmatchers 'id)]
[(match-char #\space) (consume-space l) ]
[(match-char #\tab) (consume-tab)]
[(match-char #\newline) (consume-newline l)]
[else (display "Done")]))