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Metafacture comprises three main parts: Framework, Morph and Flux. It can be extended with modules.


The framework includes the interfaces and abstract classes which form the foundation of the data processing pipelines. This part of Metafacture is only relevant for you if you plan to use Metafacture as a Java library or if you wish to add pipe elements to Flux.

For more information see the Framework User Guide.


Metafacture Morph or short Metamorph is a domain specific language for metadata transformation. The Metamorph object performing the transformation is used as part of a processing pipeline. If you are using Metafacture as a Java library, just create a Metamorph object and add it to your pipeline (see also the Framework User Guide). If you are using the Flux scripting language to build and run pipelines, use the morph command.

The transformation itself is declared in XML. For more information on how to declare transformations see Metamorph User Guide.

The development of Metamorph definitions are supported by a few tools/techniques: For more information on testing Metamorph definitions see Testing Framework for Metamorph. If you would like to visualize a definition as a data flow, see Visualizing Metamorph Definitions.


Flux is a scripting language to easily build and run processing pipelines. No Java programming is necessary, just a command line. To use Flux you may download the binary distribution of Metafacture.

For more information on how to use Flux, see the Flux User Guide.

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