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Flickity background lazyload

Lazyload background images of selected cells.


Add bg-lazyload.js to your scripts.




<script src="https://unpkg.com/flickity-bg-lazyload@1/bg-lazyload.js"></script>

Package managers

npm: npm install flickity-bg-lazyload

Bower: bower install flickity-bg-lazyload


Set data-flickity-bg-lazyload attribute of the cell to the background image's url.

<div class="carousel">
  <div class="carousel-cell" data-flickity-bg-lazyload="oranges.jpg"></div>
  <div class="carousel-cell" data-flickity-bg-lazyload="submerge.jpg"></div>
  <div class="carousel-cell" data-flickity-bg-lazyload="cat-nose.jpg"></div>

Set bgLazyLoad option.

// lazyloads background image of selected cell
// jQuery
var $carousel = $('.carousel').flickity({
  bgLazyLoad: true
// vanilla JS
var flkty = new Flickity( '.carousel', {
  bgLazyLoad: true

Set bgLazyLoad to a number to load images in adjacent cells.

bgLazyLoad: 2
// load background images in selected cell
// and next 2 cells
// and previous 2 cells

Webpack & Browserify

var Flickity = require('flickity-bg-lazyload');

var flkty = new Flickity( '.carousel', {
  bgLazyLoad: true


requirejs( [ 'path/to/flickity-bg-lazyload' ], function( Flickity ) {
  var flkty = new Flickity( '.carousel', {
    bgLazyLoad: true

By Metafizzy 🌈🐻