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CMS that plugs into any Rails 4 app as an engine.
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contentr Build Status



Add contentr to your Gemfile:

gem 'contentr', github: 'metaminded/contentr'

You'll also want to include contentr in your CSS

@import 'contentr';

And in your application.js

//= require contentr/contentr


You get three new methods which you should override in your user model:

  • allowed_to_interact_with_contentr?
  • allowed_to_use_paragraphs?
  • contentr_authorized?

The contentr_authorized? method takes two arguments which are type and object. type is a symbol and either :manage or :see. object is the object for which an action needs to be authorized.

The allowed_to_use_paragraphs? method is used to determine if a user is allowed to use paragraphs, depending on multiple arguments. The first argument is area, which is a String with the name of the name of the effected area. If the second parameter subject is set to a paragraph object the method should only determine if a user is allowed to use the specified subject.

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