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META-SHARE Software is the software powering META-SHARE.

META-SHARE is a sustainable network of repositories of language data, tools and related web services documented with high-quality metadata, aggregated in central inventories allowing for uniform search and access to resources. Data and tools can be both open and with restricted access rights, free and for-a-fee. META-SHARE targets existing but also new and emerging language data, tools and systems required for building and evaluating new technologies, products and services. META-SHARE is developed under the umbrella of the META-NET initiative (

This software is mainly relevant for people or organizations that would like to run their own META-SHARE node. If you would like to only use the META-SHARE network, e.g., for searching and accessing language resources, you probably better move on to

Getting the Software

There are basically three possibilities for you to get a copy of the META-SHARE Software:

  1. Download the latest release archive from:
  2. Download an archive with the latest development version (not recommended for production use):
  3. Fork the project on GitHub or create a direct local Git clone of our repository using the information available at (not recommended for production use).

Installation and Usage

For installation and usage instructions please refer to the documentation in the manuals under misc/docs/.

Reporting Bugs

If you should find any bugs in any part of the META-SHARE Software, then we’d appreciate to hear about them in our issue tracking system on GitHub:


If you would like to contribute to the project, then just fork it and send pull requests with your patches. We have some developer documentation in our GitHub wiki to get you started with META-SHARE Software development in particular and with Git and GitHub in general:

License and Used Third-Party Software

See the LICENSE and NOTICE files.