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My GSOC '15 Project. Core software implementation for the Harwell WITCH.
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WITCH On A Board

Project to develop a simulator for the Harwell WITCH based on the Minnowboard Max as part of Google Summer of Code, 2015.

For more information:

Running (on UNIX env)

We use make to compile from source. Make sure you have it on your system. To run, in the project directory, run

$ make WITCH-e
$ ./bin/witch-e

You can turn on the logging feature as well as the debug messages by the debug=1 and log=1 arguments. By default log and debug are disabled. When enabled these messages are sent to stderr. You can use regular console redirection to send the messages to files of your choice.An inbuilt feature will be added later on.

$ make WITCH-e debug=1 log=1
$ ./bin/witch_sim

To clean the executables and other files, run

$ make clean

To run the test suit

$ make testAll
$ ./testAll

To run interactive alu tests

$ make ui_alu
$ ./ui_alu

and to clean test files use,

$ make cleanTests

NOTE Requires g++ 4.8.4 or higher.

© Don Dennis (metastableB)

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