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User Accounts

User Accounts is a suite of packages for the Meteor.js platform. It provides highly customizable user accounts UI templates for many different front-end frameworks. At the moment it includes forms for sign in, sign up, forgot password, reset password, change password, enroll account, and link or remove of many 3rd party services.

Some Details

The package useraccounts:core contains all the core logic and templates' helpers and events used by dependant packages providing styled versions of the accounts UI. This means that developing a version of the UI with a different styling is just a matter of writing a few dozen of html lines, nothing more!

Thanks to accounts-t9n you can switch to your preferred language on the fly! Available languages are now: Arabic, Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

For basic routing and content protection, useraccounts:core integrates with either flow-router or iron-router.

Any comments, suggestions, testing efforts, and PRs are very very welcome! Please use the repository issues tracker for reporting bugs, problems, ideas, discussions, etc..

The UserAccounts Guide

Detailed explanations of features and configuration options can be found in the Guide.

Who's using this?

Aren't you on the list?! If you have a production app using accounts templates, let me know! I'd like to add your link to the above ones.


Contributors are very welcome. There are many things you can help with, including finding and fixing bugs and creating examples for the brand new wiki. We're also working on useraccounts@2.0 (see the Milestone) so you can also help with an improved design or adding features.

Some guidelines below:

  • Questions: Please create a new issue and label it as a question.

  • New Features: If you'd like to work on a feature, start by creating a 'Feature Design: Title' issue. This will let people bat it around a bit before you send a full blown pull request. Also, you can create an issue to discuss a design even if you won't be working on it.

  • Bugs: If you think you found a bug, please create a "reproduction." This is a small project that demonstrates the problem as concisely as possible. If you think the bug can be reproduced with only a few steps a description by words might be enough though. The project should be cloneable from Github. Any bug reports without a reproduction that don't have an obvious solution will be marked as "awaiting-reproduction" and closed after a bit of time.

Working Locally

This is useful if you're contributing code to useraccounts or just trying to modify something to suit your own specific needs.

Scenario A
  1. Set up a local packages folder
  2. Add the PACKAGE_DIRS environment variable to your .bashrc file
  1. Clone the repository into your local packages directory
  2. Add the package just like any other meteor core package like this: meteor add useraccounts:unstyled
> cd /full/path/topackages/folder
> git clone
> cd your/project/path
> meteor add useraccounts:semantic-ui
> meteor
Scenario B

Like Scenario A, but skipping point 2. Add the official package as usual with meteor add useraccounts:semantic-ui but then run your project like this:

> PACKAGE_DIRS="/full/path/topackages/folder" meteor
Scenario C
> cd your/project/path
> mkdir packages && cd packages
> git clone
> cd ..
> meteor add useraccounts:semantic-ui
> meteor


Anyone is welcome to contribute. Fork, make your changes, and then submit a pull request.

Thanks to all those who have contributed code changes and all who have helped by submitting bug reports and feature ideas.

Support via Gittip