ie 9 doesn't recognize 'delete' key as input #846

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This is a bit of an obscure one... but...

I've setup an event listener for input .input-field. It's triggered when a user inputs text into the field after every key, except in IE 9 it doesn't trigger when the delete key is pressed. It works fine in Safari, Chrome, & Firefox. Here's my code:{
     'input .query': function(e, t){
       console.log('hello world?!');
       var query = t.find('.query').value;
       Session.set('query', query);

FWIW, an easy solution to this is simply to use keyup instead of input.


Hi @bmcmahen, On my quick research it appears this might be a bug in IE9. I'll have to spend more time to see if it's a known MS issue. Do you happen to know? Thanks for the proposed solution. Now we have a good suggestion for people if this comes up. Let me know if you know if it's a known issue, and any links would be great.


I"ll look into it a bit further and get back to you. I wouldn't be surprised if its just an ie bug, but I wonder if this might be something that jquery, for instance, smooths over, and could therefore be fixed with meteor.


Further research shows that, indeed, this is definitely a known bug in IE 9. The alternative is to use a combination of keyup and change events... Sigh... This is unfortunate, but it's not a Meteor specific issue so I'm going to close this ticket for now.

@bmcmahen bmcmahen closed this Mar 20, 2013
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