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How to get help

First, look through these resources to see if your question has been answered already:

Make a good first effort to find an answer before asking your question. If you can't find an existing answer to your question, try one of the following, in this order:

  • Ask it on StackOverflow
  • Post it in the help category of the Meteor forums

Other resources

Filing bug reports and contributing new code

Please see our contributing guidelines for details on how to file a bug report or submit a pull request. In brief:

  • Bug reports are welcome. It's essential that they include a full reproduction recipe so that others can help fix the issue.

  • If possible, publish new features as separate packages on Atmosphere.

  • Most changes to core packages should be discussed first on meteor-core, where you can build consensus and work out most of the design. Submit a pull request once you have a core developer on board. The meteor-core list is also a fine place to request new features without a specific proposal. GitHub issues aren't as good place for those that sort of thing: we'll close "feature request" issues.

Works In Progress

Here are drafts of docs that haven't made it into yet. You may find these useful. We appreciate suggestions and improvements: file issues or submit pull requests.

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