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The Weather's Record Keeper

The Weather's Record Keeper

Meteostat is one of the largest vendors of open weather and climate data. The platform provides access to long-term time series of thousands of weather stations.


  • Meteostat Web App: Access (historical) weather data through a simple UI
  • Meteostat Bulk: Download Meteostat data for free
  • Meteostat API: The most convenient way to integrate Meteostat data into your products, applications and workflows
  • Meteostat Python: Access and analyze historical weather and climate data with Python


  1. A list of public weather stations everyone can edit and share.

    Python 28 12

  2. Access and analyze historical weather and climate data with Python.

    Python 150 22

  3. jasper Public

    Automated tasks for importing, exporting and managing Meteostat data.

    Python 7 2

  4. The Meteostat JSON API server.

    Python 10

  5. dev Public

    Official documentation for Meteostat developer resources.

    JavaScript 6 7

  6. A JavaScript wrapper for the Meteostat JSON API which provides free access to weather and climate data.

    TypeScript 15


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