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Ruby Vectored I/O

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Vectored I/O for Ruby MRI
  (c) 2009 Lourens Naudé (methodmissing)

Vectored I/O ?

  POSIX 1003.1-2001 introduces reading or writing data into multiple buffers with a single procedure call.See for an overview.

Use cases :

  * Write non-sequentially placed data in memory to disk with a single write operation.This fits very well with custom database/record formats for writing out indexes and data at once.
  * Reducing syscall overheads
  * Reading structured data (protocol dumps,db records) into distinct buffers

Examples :


  >>io ='/path/to/fix.txt')) 
  => #<File://path/to/fix.txt>
  >>, 5, 5, 6, 8, 26, 8) 
  => ["8=FIX.4.4","\x019=45", "\x0135=0", "\x0149=TW", "\x0156=ISLD",
"\x0134=3\x0152=20000426-12:05:06", "\x0110=220\x01"]    


  sudo gem install methodmissing-vio

Todo :

  * Error handling for rewind + sockets don't support lseek

To run the test suite:


To run the benchmarks:

  rake bench
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