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Opensource version of maxgif.
Also works really well on mobile devices.

PHP 5 or higher

The set up for this is pretty simple.

  1. Dump your gifs in the images folder.
  2. Make sure your images folder is set writable (chmod 644 images).
  3. Hit []/cache.php to create a output cache of the images on the site. The cache is stored in the images folder. Use this URL to refresh the cache when new images are added.
  4. Include jQuery in your page.
  5. Include the bigGif plugin.
  6. When the page is ready run the plugin.

The plugin takes a object to configure itself.

  • jsonFile (required): the path to the image cache. The cache is a json document that contains an array of image locations. This property is required.
  • callback: A callBack that runs after the background has been updated.
  • timer: The amount of time in seconds an image will show. Default is 0.

You can look in the index.html file for an example of how to set it up.


  • Don't leave spaces in the image names. Browsers don't seem to like that.