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Reads GEDCOM files such as those created by's exporter. Retains name, sex, and information on the genealogical topology
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	MEW 10/26/2015

	Extracts name, sex, and parentage information for each individual in
	the GEDCOM file. Removes individuals who are more than a defined number
	of meioses from a terminal node. Retains only individuals who remain
	connected to a selected person of interest. Returns:
	* gedcom_dict: key: GEDCOM id; value: list
	  [0] Name
	  [1] Sex ('M' or 'F')
	  [2] Placeholder status (True if this is a dummy person inserted
	  		where no information on a parent was available)
	  [3] Person of Interest status (True if name contains substring used
		    to define the person of interest)
	* trio_dict: key: GEDCOM id; value: two-tuple
	  [0] GEDCOM id of mother
	  [1] GEDCOM id of father

	regex inspired by Greg Hewgill's GEDCOM to XML parser:
	Includes sample file fugates.ged (based on Blue Fugate family)
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