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To-do next:

  • change arrow keys to move in a logical direction, not the pre-transform direction
  • base animated tracers on speed data
    • vary by colour or animation speed? or both?
  • move colour values out to XML config file

Possible ideas for future versions:

  • a colour legend for the speed rendering mode
  • Integration with Google Maps, overlay routes on map tiles
  • I’m not sure the interaction makes as much sense as it could. Half the time when I click to drag, I expect the map to move instead of rotate. The other half I’m expecting rotation.
    • Holding shift and dragging might be nice as a way of moving the map
    • Also, compensating for map rotation when using arrow keys would be handy.



  • secret keyboard shortcuts: p to save a PNG, P to save a PDF, and r to reload all data
  • initial resizable window support


  • Improved GPX/TCX error handling
  • speed values now indicated in km/h
  • keyboard shortcuts now match UI controls, ie. hitting ‘c’ also toggles the checkbox.
  • secret mode 5 improved


  • reduced CPU load
  • Quick toggle between 2D and 3D modes
  • Add UI control for 2D / 3D toggle
  • Adjusted view buttons to add animated mode
  • basic animated paths (tracers)
  • figure out a way to add a few extra render modes to the UI (added connectors checkbox which buys some time; still only a need for 4 buttons, though 5 is looming)
  • converted lat/long coordinates to meters
  • adjust all internal rendering to use meters instead of previous fudged scale
  • reprojected as Mercator
  • Map legend / scale indicators
    • built UI elements to display scale
    • figure out a more exponential zoom function so it’s faster on the low end, slower on the high end
  • figure out how to convert lat/long coordinates to a UTM grid, to correct for latitude skew.
  • fix scale to be accurate to reality, which probably means fixing internal scale of map
  • add numbers/measurements to scale


  • fix 0,0 coordinate bug with TCX
  • get time working in TCX files
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