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Treasure Game

npm run build && surge --domain



The idea here is to demonstrate the power of binary search algorithms to non-programmers and beginner programmers. The user should first try and create a strategy for finding the treasure. Most likely the user will stumble upon a strategy very similar to binary search. Try starting with a one dimensional array first.

Binary search strategy can be summarized by: dividing the grid in half each time until you reach one possible cell. The number of times it takes to divide a number in half until you reach one is the definition of log_base_2(N). Therefore, in this case the best number of guesses is log_base_2(totalCells). Checkout the solver tab to see binary search in action.

I would like to turn this in to a talk at some point and create a parallel to advent calendars. Here are some slides.

Built with ❤️ by David Alberto Adler. Source code on github.