Interface to MIST/MESA Isochrones
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ezmist Update Jul 19, 2018

EZMIST -- A python package that allows you to download MIST/MESA isochrones directly from their website

This small package provides a direct interface to the MIST/MESA isochrone webpage ( It compiles the URL needed to query the website and retrives the data into a python variable.

This package has been tested on python 2.7 and python 3.

:version: 1 :author: MF

(this package is similar to EzPadova:


Install with pip

pip install git+

(--user if you want to install it in your user profile)

Manual installation

download the repository and run the setup

python install


  • Basic example of downloading a sequence of isochrones, plotting, saving
>>> r = ezmist.get_t_isochrones(6.0, 7.0, 0.05, FeH_value=0.0, theory_output='full')
>>> import pylab as plt
>>> plt.scatter(r['logT'], r['logL'], c=r['logA'], edgecolor='None')
>>> r.write('myiso.fits')

Note: MIST isochrone metallicities are defined in terms of [Fe/H] (not Z)

  • getting only one isochrone
>>> r = ezmist.get_one_isochrones(1e7, 0.0, age_scale='linear')