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Python decorators for profiling/tracing/timing a single function
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It's a collection of decorators for profiling functions. E.g. to profile a single function:

from profilehooks import profile

def my_function(args, etc):

The results will be printed when the program exits (or you can use @profile(immediate=True)).

If you're interested in coarse timings and don't want to pay for the overhead of profiling, use

from profilehooks import timecall

@timecall       # or @timecall(immediate=True)
def my_function(args, etc):

Finally, you may be interested in seeing line coverage for a single function

from profilehooks import coverage

def my_function(args, etc):

Also functions can be available in Python console or module if run it with -m arg

$ python -m profilehooks
>>> profile
<function profile at 0x1005c6488>

$ python -m profilehooks yourmodule

Full documentation is available through pydoc profilehooks after installation.

The home page for this module is It has screensho, uh, that is, more examples.

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