Templates and Examples for Students in Dr. Turner's CSC300: Professional Responsibilities Course
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How to Use this Repository

The easiest way to use this repository is to clone it using Git. Git is available on every major platform. These instructions work on Vogon, and should work on any system with git installed.

git clone git://github.com/mgius/calpoly_csc300_templates.git

This should provide you with an exact copy of the repository. You can choose to use Git at this point, or you can copy the files elsewhere and use them.

But I don't have / want Git

You can download a zip or tarball of this project with the downloads link above. If you want specific files or folders you can acquire them by navigating the project folders on this site and copy/pasting the contents of the file. You can also download the file directly by selecting "raw". Be VERY CAREFUL when doing this on makefiles, as tabbing and spacing is very important for the proper functioning of makefiles.

I would like to contribute an example

I would love more examples. Fork this repository (preferably by signing up for github and forking it that way), add your examples and send me a pull request. If you are opposed to that idea, I'll take git patches as well. Please test your example on vogon before submitting it, or note that it requires a newer version than vogon if it cannot compile on vogon.

Before submitting your examples, please take a moment to add a header comment (like the ones I've added) and any other notes that you think would be helpful.