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tabtastic.vim: Makes creating multiple tabs in Vim quick and easy
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This plugin was built as a tool to help create multiple tabs in Vim. Often times it can be annoying to create many tabs in Vim and this plugin is here to help with that. This plugin is easy to use and effectively eliminates the work done by the user.


You can either install Vundle and then place the following line in your .vimrc file.

  • Plugin 'mgm702/vim-tabtastic'

Or you can use Pathogen and then simply follow the commands below to install the plugin.

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone

If you need help with the plugin you may use help tabtastic.txt to bring up the Plugin's documentation.


This plugin is extremely simple to use and only has one command in order to make it run. The command below will start up and execute the Tabtastic plugin.

  • :Tabtastic

Once the command above is run, the plugin will begin and a prompt will walk you through the process of creating multiple tabs.

This command can also be remapped to use a leader key. The following example remaps the :Tabtastic command to t, which runs the plugin.

  • :nmap <leader>t :Tabtastic<CR>


If you would like to contribute to this plugin, submit a Pull Request with an excellent commit message. Contributions are more then welcome, however please make sure that your commit message is clear and understandable.


The Tabtastic plugin is licensed under the same license as the Vim text editor itself. Please view help license for more details.

Like The Plugin?

If you like Tabtastic.vim follow the repository on Github and if you are feeling extra nice, follow the author mgm702 on Twitter or Github.

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