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Inkscape Plugin that exports to Roland CutStudio

- Install as described below
- Open inkscape with the file to cut. If you select objects, only the selected objects will be exported.
- Extensions - Roland CutStudio - Open in CutStudio


checkout git repo or download the ZIP from

Copy all roland_* files to the inkscape extensions folder:
- Per-user installation: The path is shown in Inkscape: Edit - Preferences - System - User extensions.
- System-wide installation on Windows (not for "Inkscape Portable"): Use the existing "extensions" folder in Inkscape's installation, usually C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\inkscape\extensions\ or ...\share\extensions\   (or C:\Program Files (x86)\... on some systems). 

Then restart Inkscape.

Install CutStudio:
- On Windows, you must install Roland CutStudio to the default path: "C:\Program Files\CutStudio" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\CutStudio"
- On Linux, CutStudio is not required, but you may optionally install CutStudio via WINE. Note that you probably (?) cannot print from CutStudio under WINE, you can only look at the file.
- On Mac, CutStudio is not required. The Plugin does not yet support it.

Using without CutStudio:
On Mac or on Linux without CutStudio, the file is saved as .eps and you have to open CutStudio yourself or copy this file to another PC with CutStudio installed. 

WONTFIX: clipping of paths doesnt work
WONTFIX: if there is any object with opacity != 100%, inkscape exports some objects as bitmaps. They will disappear in CutStudio! The same problem also occurs if the alpha value of stroke or fill color is not 100%.
WONTFIX: filters (e.g. blur) are not supported


I am sorry that the code is so horrible. If anyone feels the desire to burn everything and rewrite it from scratch, please feel free to do so.
If you change the code, please make sure that `python2.7 --selftest` and `python3 --selftest` still work.

Internal details:

CutStudio does not really interpret EPS like a real EPS reader should. It only has a crude parser that only works with the EPS-export from certain versions of Corel and Illustrator.

It only knows these commands, one per line:
1 2 m
1 2 l
1 2 3 4 5 6 c

UNKNOWN: are groups possible?

closing paths needs to be done by hand (repeat the first point)


Inkscape Windows Plugin for Roland CutStudio