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A cryptographic hash function faster than MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, and SHA-3
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BLAKE2b for Ruby

BLAKE2 is a cryptographic hash function faster than MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, and SHA-3, yet is at least as secure as the latest standard SHA-3. BLAKE2 has been adopted by many projects due to its high speed, security, and simplicity.

More info at:


This gem is a C-extension to enable using BLAKE2b in Ruby. This BLAKE2b implementation (or just BLAKE2) is optimized for 64-bit platforms with SSE support (excluding NEON-enabled ARMs). It produces digests of any size between 1 and 64 bytes.

The C code for this gem is taken from the official reference C implementation as of commit ca4c89314abff54e3806b44e4a08164f8204f09a.


gem install blake2b


require 'blake2b'

# The UTF-8 String (Required) that you want to digest.
input   = 'abc'

# The main application of keyed BLAKE2 is as a message authentication code (MAC)
# By default `Blake2b::Key.none` is used.
key = Blake2b::Key.none
# key = Blake2b::Key.from_string("foo bar baz")
# key = Blake2b::Key.from_hex('DEADBEAF')
# key = Blake2b::Key.from_bytes([222, 173, 190, 175])

# The output length in Bytes of the Hash, Max and Default is 32.
out_len = 32


=> "508c5e8c327c14e2e1a72ba34eeb452f37458b209ed63a294d999b4c86675982"

Blake2b.hex(input, key)
=> "508c5e8c327c14e2e1a72ba34eeb452f37458b209ed63a294d999b4c86675982"

Blake2b.hex(input, key, out_len)
=> "508c5e8c327c14e2e1a72ba34eeb452f37458b209ed63a294d999b4c86675982"


=> [80, 140, 94, ...]

Blake2b.bytes(input, key)
=> [80, 140, 94, ...]

Blake2b.bytes(input, key, out_len)
=> [80, 140, 94, ...]


Blake2b really shines on larger inputs. Here are some benchmarks on various input sizes. You can find the performance suite used for these benchmarks at performance/performance_suite.rb. All tests were run on an iMac 27" Late 2014, 4GHz Core i7 CPU (4790K) w/ SSE4.1 + SSE4.2, 32GB DDR3 RAM.

1KB (1M digests)

MD5 result: 2.694545999998809 seconds.
SHA2 result: 4.037195000011707 seconds.
SHA512 result: 3.213850000000093 seconds.
BLAKE2s result: 5.6867979999951785 seconds.
BLAKE2b result: 4.375018999999156 seconds.

50KB (500k digests)

MD5 result: 34.33997299999464 seconds.
SHA2 result: 50.161426999999094 seconds.
SHA512 result: 35.24845699999423 seconds.
BLAKE2s result: 64.8592859999917 seconds.
BLAKE2b result: 30.783814999987953 seconds.

250KB (500k digests)

MD5 result: 67.89016799999808 seconds.
SHA2 result: 103.09026799999992 seconds.
SHA512 result: 72.46762200001103 seconds.
BLAKE2s result: 133.5229810000019 seconds.
BLAKE2b result: 64.30263599999307 seconds.


After checking out the repo, run bundle to install dependencies. Then, run rake full to build and test, or rake test to only run the tests.

To install this gem onto your local machine, run bundle exec rake install.


Hopefully this gem will not be required once Ruby issue #12802 is resolved. Blake2 will either be included natively into MRI or available through the OpenSSL library.


Blake2b is based heavily on Blake2 by Franck Verrot, Copyright 2014.

Blake2b is copyright 2018, Mauricio Gomes.

The original work (Blake2) and the modified work (Blake2b) are licensed GPL v3.0. See LICENSE.txt for details.

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