Wrapper of the chunklink.pl script used by CoNLL-2000 for use on Concrete Communications.
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Wrapper of the chunklink.pl script used by CoNLL-2000 for use on Concrete Communications.

The chunklink.pl script was written by Sabine Buchholz with modifications by Yuval Krymolowski. The original script is available along with a README describing its use.

This wrapper was written in order to apply the chunking rules to parse trees annotated on Concrete data. For more information about Concrete see the Getting Started docs.


This library requires:

  • Perl 5.x
  • Python 2.7.x
  • concrete-python 4.3.x or 4.4.x

To install concrete-python, use pip as below or see https://github.com/hltcoe/concrete-python for alternate installation instructions.

pip install 'concrete>=4.4.0<4.8.0'

Running the add_chunks.py script

To run the add_chunks.py script you can either pass in two file paths or two directory paths.

python concrete_chunklink/add_chunks.py [--chunklink <path/to/chunklink.pl>] <input path> <output path>

If using directories, they must both exists. If using two files, the input file must exist and the output file will be created or overwritten.

The script is just a wrapper around a modified version of the chunklink which reads parses from STDIN. The script 'chunklink_2-2-2000_for_conll.pl' is found in the scripts/ directory. This perl script was created for the CoNLL-2000 shared task to convert the PTB to chunks. If you are running add_chunks.py without specifying the path to the chunklink script it will look in the './' and then './scripts/' to try to find it before failing.


For most uses cases, there is no need to install. However, in case you want to use this library as a module, you can run the following:

python setup.py install

Doing so will also add the entry point 'add_chunks' to your PATH.