Monodroid Android app for monitoring your stock portfolio
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Monodroid Stock Portfolio


4/2/2011 - MVP refactor complete.  I'm pretty happy with it, though I'm sure there's plenty of room for improvement.  I call this release 0.9 to indicated that I'm just about ready to go into production when MonoDroid is finally released
3/15/2011 - I'm no longer using FileHelpers, since I can't get it to work with MonoDroid anymore (even with compiling it myself) so I switched to LumenWorks.Framework.IO.Csv because writing CSV parsing is a hard problem that I don't need to solve again

What...? Why...?

This is a rewriting of a Windows Mobile project I wrote for my own personal use, since I have
recently switched from Windows Mobile to Android.

I am using Monodroid since I'm not good at Java, and I couldn't get PhoneGap to work right.
Also, I can (partly) reuse the libraries I created for the Windows Mobile app.

By hosting this project on github, I will be providing this app as an open-source app for other
Monodroid devs to learn from, as well as help myself learn how to use git.


I originally used db4o for the persistence of this app, but I had trouble getting that to work
with MonoDroid, so I just switched it over to using Sqlite, since it's not that complex of a
domain anyway.

To get stock quotes, I'm using a Yahoo API coupled with the FileHelpers library
(since the Yahoo API outputs a CSV)

All images licensed under creative commons.
Penny image (assorted icons):
	From the US Mint, via Wikimedia user "Sniff",_obverse,_2002.png
NYSE image (splash):
	Taken by "Helico" on Flickr