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Welcome to the Mgt Amazon Cloudfront File Invalidation Extension for Magento 1.5.x - 1.9.x

With our Mgt Amazon Cloudfront File Invalidation Extension for Magento you can easily invalidate single files or paths from amazon's cloudfront CDN. If you need to remove multiple files at once, you may also send a list of files to remove as a batch. File Invalidation can also be helpful in the event that offensive or potentially harmful material needs to be removed before the specified expiration time.


  • copy all files to your magento installation
  • Clear the cache in Admin -> System -> Cache Management
  • Go to Admin -> System -> Con!guration -> MGT-COMMERCE.COM -> Cloudfront Invalidation -> Settings -> Active -> Yes
  • Enable Debug Mode to see the response from Cloudfront API (recommended)
  • Enter your Contribution ID, AWS Access Key and AWS Secret key (See images below)
  • Have fun and give Feedback


  • Provides a text field to purge single files, multi files at once or paths



  • initial release
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