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mgwt is an open source project started in 2009. It is used by Google and other great companies and is licensed under Apache 2.0.

Building mobile webapps with mgwt is a great way to build cross platform mobile apps in Java. Especially porting your existing GWT apps becomes incredibly easy. GWT is an excellent tool for building fast JavaScript apps in Java, but it is missing some key parts for building great mobile apps with it. mgwt closes the gap - mgwt provides mobile widgets, smooth animations, touch support and much more.


  • many widgets
  • iOS and Android themes
  • simple default theme
  • easy way to customize apps
  • icon colors can be set in code
  • very small output size through GWT compiler optimizations
  • very good runtime performance through e.g. using CSS3 for layout and animations
  • most code can be reused on desktop, tablets and phones
  • deploy apps to appstores by using gwt-phonegap
  • Licensed under Apache 2.0

Default theme

Platform themes