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Unofficial development repository for PyFFmpeg / for official releases check the homepage

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*** This is an unofficial development repository for PyFFmpeg. ***

Official project releases can be found at

This is an extended version of PyFFmpeg with support for the current FFmpeg version 
and it is based on PyFFmpeg version 2.1 beta (see the link above). Adding additional 
functionality is ongoing work. Thus, your feedback is welcome at <>.

This PyFFmpeg version has been test with ...


		Python 2.6.6


		Cython 0.14.1

	FFmpeg (git://

		FFmpeg version git-35d7d6f 
		with its libraries 
			libavutil    50. 39. 0 
			libavcodec   52.113. 2 
			libavformat  52.102. 0 
			libavdevice  52.  2. 3 
			libavfilter   1. 76. 0 
			libswscale    0. 12. 0 

	Operating System

		Windows (mingw)
		MacOS X 10.6.6

You can install and test PyFFmpeg as follows:

	1. Edit and adapt ffmpegpath to your configuration

	2. Execute "sudo python install" 

	3. Check if PyFFmpeg is working using the file

Please report issues as well as configuration details for your working 
PyFFmpeg installations at <>
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