Static HTTP server built on node.js
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Antinode is a simple static file webserver built on node.js.


Run it from the command line.

$ node server.js [settings.json]

Requires Node.JS v0.1.100 or greater. If you want to bind to a port under 1024, you'll need to run node with special privileges.


Configuration is through a JSON text file, by default the settings.json in the same folder as server.js.

Example settings file:

    "port" : 8080,
    "hosts" : {
        "" : { 
            "root" : "/www/subdomain1/"
        "" : {
            "root" : "/www/subdomain2/"
    "default_host" : {
        "root" : "/www/default/"

This server listens on port 8080 for HTTP requests. If it gets a request for Host: the site will serve /www/subdomain1/, and similarly requests for Host: will respond with the files from /www/subdomain2. If the Host header does not match either, or is not given, antinode will serve files from /www/default.

Explanation of properties:

  • port - the port to listen for HTTP connections on. default: 8080
  • hosts - an object with one property name per virtual host address, with the value of a 'virtual host' object to
  • default_host - the 'virtual host' object to default to if no other virtual hosts match, or the HTTP Host header is not given

'virtual host object' - has a property root giving the directory to serve web requests from

This serves up all the files in /var/www listening to HTTP requests on port 8080. E.g. an HTTP request for /styles/site.css will will look for the file /var/www/styles/site.css


  • HTTP Content-Type header detection from file extension
  • HTTP Content-Length header support
  • HTTP Date header
  • HTTP Last-Modified header
  • Reads files in binary mode - so can serve images and other binary files (not just text)
  • Requests to any directory try to return directory/index.html
  • Virtual Hosts

Test Suite

To run the tests:

$ node runtests.js


Original code forked from Noah Sloan's simple logging webserver.