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LOFAR pipeline using killms/ddfacet
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ddf-pipeline carries out several iterations of direction-dependent self-calibration on your LOFAR imaging data using DDFacet and KillMS For more on KillMS see Tasse 2014a,b ( and Smirnov & Tasse 2015 (; for DDFacet see Tasse et al 2017 ( The objective of ddf-pipeline is to fully reduce LOFAR (continuum, Stokes I) imaging data to a science-ready state with no human intervention. ddf-pipeline is currently in use by the LOFAR Surveys KSP for reduction of the LoTSS survey (Shimwell et al 2017

ddf-pipeline was written by Martin Hardcastle, Tim Shimwell, Cyril Tasse and Wendy Williams and will be described by Shimwell et al (in prep). Scientific users of ddf-pipeline are requested to cite the relevant papers and refer to the ddf-pipeline github.

ddf-pipeline is licensed under the GPL and is free to use. For full documentation and installation instructions see docs/

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