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Issue Management

Automatically manage issue comments. This action:

  • Add a needs-triage label when an issue is opened
  • Adds a waiting-for-author label when a team member has responded
  • Adds a waiting-for-team label when the author has responded
  • Adds a closed-by-team label when the issue is closed by a team member
  • Adds a closed-by-author label when the issue is closed by the issue author
  • Adds a necromancer label when the issue is commented on when it has been closed for a defined period (default 7 days). Collaborator comments do not trigger this label

These labels can then be used to build up a search to see which issues need your attention, or to report on closed issues using the API in the future.

To sync these labels to your repository, add the action then trigger a workflow_dispatch event in the Actions tab.


name: Issue Management
    types: [opened, closed, reopened]
    types: [created]

    name: Issue Management
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: Issue Management
        uses: mheap/github-action-issue-management@v1
          GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
          necromancer_delay: "P7D" # This can be any ISO8601 duration
          disable_auto_assign: "on"

Available Configuration

Environment Variables

Name Description
GITHUB_TOKEN The GitHub auth token, used to authenticate API requests. Use the value provided in ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}


Name Description Default
necromancer_delay The amount of time to wait before a new comment on a closed issue is considered necromancy. Set to off to disable this label P7D
disable_auto_assign Set to on to prevent the auto-assignment of issues when a response is added off