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Markdown to Jira

This project is a command line tool to allow you to make markdown-like notes as plain text and use them to create Jira tickets. It supports title, description, assignee and components for both parent and sub-tasks. It does not currently support epics.


npm install -g markdown-to-jira

Create a file at ~/.atlassian/credentials with the following contents:

token=TOKEN # See


To run the tool in dry-run mode and test your task definition, run the tool with the -d flag. This will output ticket ID 9999 for any parent tasks and 1234 for any child tasks. No API requests will be sent and no tickets will be created

Provide a string on the CLI

m2j -s 'This is an example ticket @michael.heap {Documentation} {Node} #label99'

Provide a file

m2j -f /path/to/file

Example content:

- This is an example ticket @michael.heap {Documentation} {Node} #label99

Ticket format


  • - assign a ticket and any child tickets to a user
  • {Name} - add a component to a ticket. Supports multiple components
  • #label1 - add a label to a ticket. Supports multiple labels
  • Any other text on the line will be used as the ticket title


If you're using the -f option to pass a filename there are additional options available.

- This is an example ticket @michael.heap {Documentation} {Node} #label99
  This is a description for the above title. It will be added 
  automatically and the description can span multiple lines
- This is another top level ticket without an assignee or components
- One more ticket, which will have children @michael.heap
  This is a description
  - And this is a sub-ticket
    Subtickets can have descriptions too, and they inherit the assignee
    and components from the parent ticket