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0) Why is this library called ZenGarden?

ZenGarden is named after a vegetarian restaurant of the same name near the RjDj offices. Food from the ZenGarden fueled the early development of the library (that, and a slightly unhealthy dose of Red Bull).

1) Why is there a List object? Why isn’t the C++ STL List object used?

I wish that I didn’t have to reimplement List, especially given that a far better, type-safe version exists in the STL. But Android does not currently (as of NDK v1.5) support the STL. So I decided to make my own. Once Android catches up with the rest of the C++ world, then I will refactor.

2) Who are the administrators of this project? How can I get in touch with them?

There are two administrators of the ZenGarden project. They are:

  • Martin Roth — mhroth [at] rjdj [dot] me
  • Chris McCormick — chris [at] mccormick [dot] cx

3) Thinking of contributing?

Brilliant! We welcome everyone who would like to help make ZenGarden more compatible with Pd. But before you get started, please talk to us first. The project is still in the very early stages and we prefer to handle some issues ourselves as they are still very unstable. This primarily applies to the core framework, and less to the objects themselves.

4) Will existing Pd externals work with ZenGarden?

No. But, external support is planned, however the project is still far away from supporting this functionality. In the beginning, externals in ZenGarden’s native format will be supported, and afterwards binary abstraction layer will be used so that original Pd externals can work as well.