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Single-cell Panoramic View Clustering (PanoView)

PanoView is an iterative PCA-based method that integrates with a novel density-based clustering, ordering local maximum by convex hull (OLMC) algorithm, to identify cell subpopulations for single-cell RNA-sequencing. For details of the method, please see our paper at PLOS Computational Biology (



PanoView is a python module that uses other common python libraries such as numpy, scipy, pandas, scikit-learn, etc., to realize the proposed algorithm. Prior to installing PanoView from Github repository, please make sure that Git is properly installed or go to for the installation of Git. To install PanoView at your local computer, open your command prompt and type the following

pip install git+

It will install all the required python libraries for executing PanoView. To test the installation of PanoView, open the python interpreter or your preferred IDE (Spyder, PyCharm, Jupyter, etc. ) and type the following

from PanoramicView import scPanoView

There should not be any error message popping out.

Note: PanoView was implement and tested by python3.6.


Plese refer to the manuaul ( "PanoViewManual.pdf" ) for details of executing PanoView algorithm in python.

For running tutorial in the manual, please download the example dataset ("" ) and upzip it into your python working directory.

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