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Simple unit testing framework for C
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Simple unit testing framework for C

How to use:

The testerino framework simply uses two small C files you can build with your project. Simply include testerino.h and testerino.c into your build and you are good to go.

To build the example:

To compile the example with gcc simply run:


gcc -o testerino_example example/main.c example/sample_tests.c src/testerino.c

How to create Tests:

 * tests are defined by being a function returning void and accepting a
 * "struct test*" as their single argument */
void this_is_a_unit_test(struct test *t) {
   * First set the message that should be shown in the test log when running the
   * tests
  t_set_msg(t, "This is an example test message...");

   * Log important test information, it will be shown in the test log if the
   * test fails.
   * Works like printf but take the test pointer as it's first argument.
  t_log(t, "This is important test information %d", 42);

   * Assert one or more conditions using this function. If one or more of the
   * asserts fail the test case fails.
  t_assert(t, 1 == 1);
   * Optionally assert with an error message that will be shown if this assert
   * fails.
  t_assert_msg(t, 1 == 2, "1 does not equal 2");

How to run tests:

int main(int argc, char const *argv[]) {
  /* Create a test suite */
  struct test_suite *s = NULL;
  /* Add your test function to the suite */
  suite_add_test(s, this_is_a_unit_test);
  /* Run the tests */
  /* cleanup */
  return 0;

For a complete example see the example folder.

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