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Jerboa: a tool to enable federated pharmaco-epidemiological studies
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The Jerboa software is developed at the Department of Medical Informatics to enable pharmaco-epidemiological studies in a so-called distributive network design, i.e. it runs de-identification, analysis and aggregation locally at each database site. This has the advantage that the local analyses are performed in a common way and are not subject to small differences in implementation by local statisticians. The first version of Jerboa was developed within the EU-ADR project (FP7-ICT-2007-215847) and has since then been used successfully in many projects. Recently, Jerboa has been re-engineered in the European Medical Information (EMIF) project ( and now contains graphical functionality, advanced scripting language, and many new functional modules. Moreover, the performance of the tool has been significantly improved.

Detailed information about Jerboa can be found on the wiki page

Development status

Jerboa is in beta status.

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Issue management

Issues can be posted in the issue section and will be addressed by the community.


Jerboa is licensed under Apache License 2.0


Jerboa has been made possible by many projects and contributors.

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