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hirb-unicode fixes the problem that full-width unicode characters is aligned incorrectly.

In the original hirb unicode gem, the full-width character will be misaligned:

Original hirb screenshot

With hirb-unicode, the cells is correctly aligned:

Original hirb screenshot


gem install hirb-unicode


This will load hirb and hirb-unicode, and fix the unicode problem automtically:

gem 'hirb-unicode'
require 'hirb-unicode'

If you are using bundler (ex. Rails 3), add hirb-unicode into your gemfile:

gem 'hirb-unicode'

And run require 'hirb-unicode' in your irb console or .irbrc


hirb-unicode uses unicode-display_width gem to calculate width of unicode characters.


  • rake test:hirb loads hirb and hirb-unicode, run all test of original hirb gem. This ensures the original hirb functionality is not broken.
  • rake test:unicode tests functions about unicode string processing.
  • rake test run both two tests above.


Read MIT-LICENSE file for details.