Alfred workflow to search for projects, plans, build results and more in Atlassian Bamboo
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Alfred Workflow for Atlassian Bamboo

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Alfred workflow to search for projects, plans, build results and more in Atlassian Bamboo.


Get it from the releases tab and download the atlassian-bamboo-workflow-x.x.x.alfredworkflow file. Install it by opening the downloaded file.


Start typing bamboo in Alfred and you will be guided by a menu.

Please note that you have special actions available for Bamboo build results: use SHIFT+ENTER to trigger a build for the plan and CTRL+ENTER to download the first artifact of the build result. Also, you can use SHIFT+ENTER to stop builds in the dashboard menu.


You have to configure the parameters for connecting to your Bamboo instance. Use the following command:

  • bamboo:config — Configure the Bamboo host URL, and if necessary, a username and password


Thanks to Dean Jackson for building the awesome Python library Alfred Workflow. Also thanks to Ian Paterson for the awesome Wunderlist Alfred workflow which is one of the nicest menu-based Alfred workflows we’ve seen so far and which has inspired our workflow deeply. Also thanks to Liam McKay for the build status icons and Google for their nice material design icons.


This workflow, excluding the Atlassian Bamboo logo and the Google material icons, is released under the MIT Licence.